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Getting your target market to hear you message is always a difficult task. If your primary form of information is a website, it’s even more difficult to rise above your competitors and everyone else wanting that same space. In an age where fewer people take the time to read informative posts, video is taking centre stage. Your customers love videos. Don’t believe me, take a look at these statistics regarding video marketing:

41-percent (Copy) more likely to click on a video in Google search results. 10-times (Copy) Website visitors spend 10x longer on sites with videos
85-percent (Copy) More likely to buy your product after watching a video 52-percent (Copy) less likely to return a product if they watched a video demo

right-arrowWhy Video Marketing Works (Infographic)

You can choose from 3 styles of video or a customizable video option. Find a style below that best suits your company’s needs:

Company Profile

Showcase a business, service or product service with a personal touch

  • Company or product introduction by employees
  • Show your company’s personality
  • Genuine and unscripted
  • More personalized than traditional advertisements

Customer Testimonial

Establish your credibility through endorsements from customer

  • Company or product introduction by real customers
  • Shows your company is credible and trustworthy
  • Natural and unscripted
  • Believable and honest testimonial
  • Visitors spend 10 times longer on websites with testimonial videos! (ReelSEO)

Scripted Ads

Grab customer’s attention and persuade customers to take action

  • Company or product introduction by a professionally-recorded narrator
  • Professionally-written script
  • Great for promotions
  • Best style for camera-shy clients

Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer. Stand up and get in the game with videos for your business, product or service.

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