Why SEO Experts are Needed to Keep up with Google Updates

You’re a small business owner. You have a great company website and it’s getting lots of organic traffic. You’re very happy with the way things are going and you couldn’t be more ecstatic because of all of the new customers finding your business on the Internet.

Then one day things change. You have no idea what happened, and you’re not an expert when it comes to search engine optimization and Internet marketing. The only thing you know is that all of your new customers disappeared. Nobody seems to find your website any longer. This is a problem that many small business owners face each and every day.

For some fluke of a reason, beyond anything that they even understand their website once ranked highly in the search engines for the most relevant terms for their business.

Because of it, the company received lots of free search engine traffic and many new customers and visitors alike. It was a great ride, and it’s unfortunate that it came to an end.

But search engine website traffic does not need to disappear forever. That’s where SEO experts come into the picture…

What Happened to My Website Visitors?

For all intents and purposes, it sounds like you are a victim of one of Google’s latest updates. They happen all the time, and Google seems to give them cute and funny names. But the truth is that many of these updates are devastating to business owners all over the country.

There is a way to combat the loss of traffic and customers. SEO experts can lend a helping hand.

Why Are SEO Experts Needed?

We are the best and brightest when it comes to all things search engine related. We follow Google religiously and learn how to navigate their updates so we do not experience many, if any, negative effects any time they decide to change the search engine algorithm again.

If you do not have a qualified expert in your corner helping you navigate the rough waters of Google, then you really do not have an Internet business.

How so?

Sure, you will certainly get lucky every once in a while. For some reason that you probably cannot understand, Google may decide to rank some of your content highly in the search engines. But this is building a business on a house of sand.

Without having an expert keeping up with all things search engine optimization related, your business could disappear in the blink of an eye. Your website can lose favor with Google and you’d never know why.

As search engine optimization specialists, we’ll figure out the problem. We’ll be able to diagnose the problem and come up with a viable solution to your website traffic troubles. We will get your website ranking highly in the search engines again, and if we are with you for the long haul, we will make sure that it stays there.

That’s why SEO experts are necessary to keep up with Google updates. It’s the reason why we’re needed, so give us a call at (587) 315-5111 and let us help.