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Although having good search engine rankings for search terms that are relevant to your industry is not the only measure of SEO success, the importance of having a strong position in searches cannot be overlooked. In fact, a sudden drop in your Google search engine rankings can be devastating as the negative ripple effect is felt on your traffic, leads as well as business sales. You may be experiencing a drop in your website rankings because of a change in Google’s algorithms. In the past few years, Google has introduced a number of algorithm updates that are aimed at streamlining search engine results so that websites that top these results are rightfully there.

It is advisable that you audit your ranking over a long period in order to determine if the drop in organic traffic sources is unusual. A drop in the rankings may be an indicator that your site has been hit by a Google ranking penalty. In most instances, this may be a result of the Panda or Penguin update. As such, you must establish whether you have lost rankings or some of your pages have been deindexed because these penalties are applied in instances such as spammy or unnatural backlinks, duplicate content, low quality content, technical issues like blocked pages or broken links and negative SEO attacks among others.

If you are a victim of a drop in Google rankings, you need to invest in fixing the issues that have caused the drop in rankings in order to regain your organic traffic rankings. Many website owners have not been able to get the rankings they enjoyed because of the multiplicity of issues involved. However, you can be sure to restore your website back to its former ranking glory.

Our SEO and penalty recovery services are tailored to cover any business that has experienced a decline in the rankings of their website. We pride ourselves in having extensive knowledge as well as experience of healthy SEO practices that is leveraged to define the practices that are acceptable by Google. It is on this basis that we will evaluate every area of your website with the help of high tech tool, identify the cause of the problem and fix the damage by bringing your site back to the Google code.

We assure you that we will also use the latest optimization tools to get back your site’s original traffic, rankings and sales through a reasonable and practical recovery plan. To restore your website rankings within as quickly as possible, fill out the discovery form for more information on how we can help your business to get back to its top spot on Google.

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