Google Penguin Penalty Recovery Calgary

Penalty-RecoveryAs a website owner, there are a number of trends that you may have noticed on your site that is hurting your business. If one of those trends is a sudden decline in the search engine rankings of your targeted keywords then you have a significant problem. The effect of this on your website is evident through a significant drop in traffic that is hurting your business.

All these are signs of the Google Penguin Penalty that you must fix immediately if your website rankings and business is to improve. Penguin is an algorithm that focuses more on punishing websites that have applied unnatural and aggressive link building campaigns commonly known as black hat SEO to manipulate search engine rankings by lowering their ranking on search engine results. These include over optimization of links, low quality backlinks, excessive link exchanges, having too many links that bear over optimized anchor text among others. You will do well to keep in mind that this penalty is not only page specific but also keyword specific and often affects the entire website.

The reason why your site has been flagged is because Google is committed to supporting natural links without violating the webmaster guidelines. Thus, when the algorithm detects that you are attempting to manipulate search engine rankings using unnatural ways then it penalizes your site for the specific keyword that you are targeting.

The big question then is how can you carry out effective Google Penguin Penalty Recovery? We can help you recover from the penalties through our Penguin recovery service. This is because the recovery process is time consuming. Besides it can take several weeks and sometimes months for you to see an improvement. We will carry out an analysis of your links to determine their quality. We shall then remove and/or disavow the links that are responsible for the penalty. We will also prepare for you a reconsideration request if it is required.

Delaying your Google Penguin penalty recovery can only mean that your website will continue to suffer more damage. Sign up for our services today and we will help you restore your page and keyword ranking, effectively causing your sales or popularity to bounce back. Once you have the Penguin penalty recovered, it is important to ensure that you adhere to white hat SEO techniques so that your website is not affected by this Google penalty again.

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