Penalty Recovery

Has Your Website Traffic Dropped?


If your traffic looks like the image above then your website has likely been hit by a penalty from Google. There are several different types of penalties. Some are quick and obvious. Others are more difficult to discern. Google rarely tells you why your website was penalized. Even worse, some penalties can take a significant amount of time to recover. However, a trained eye can often determine why a website is penalized and that leads to how to recover the site.

Ranking a website can be easy. There are many SEO experts that claim to get you #1 rankings in Google. It’s much more difficult to recover a website. Few have the knowledge or the skill to bring a website back to life. Fortunately, we here at TC Business Marketing are able to recovery a website from all but the most devastating penalties. In some cases, your rankings will even come back stronger than they were before.

Regardless of what your penalty is, we can provide a solution. Simply fill out the details below. We’ll perform an analysis of your site and then contact you to determine the best option for moving forward.

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