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Company Information:

TC Business Marketing provides professional SEO and internet marketing services in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our primary goal is to create our clients value. This allows us to create long-term, meaningful relationships.

There are a number of marketing options we employ based on the needs of a business. This allows each business to find a marketing campaign that will work for them.

Finally and possibly the most important component to all of our marketing campaigns is branding protection. You’ve worked hard to build a good reputation for your company and we’re not going to ruin all that hard work. We understand that a company lives and dies on their reputation. It can take years, if ever, to recover from a poor reputation. Therefore, we’re devoted to maintaining and if possible, improving your reputation.

About Clinton

Clinton-DixsonClinton has an Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia. After working in the mining and construction fields, he came back to his lifelong passion of computers. With 16 years of website design experience, he’s been able to help businesses grow all over the world.

Clinton is an avid sports athlete. He enjoys hockey, soccer, dragonboating, curling and much more. In addition, he coaches adult women’s hockey (7 years) and dragonboating (6 years). His passion for helping others succeed in all aspects of live is a driving force that he brings to his business, TC Business Marketing.

So when you’re looking for a professional marketing company that honestly cares about YOU and your business, call us at (587) 315-5111.

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