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Search Engine Optimization

A smart SEO campaign has three components to boost your business:

  • Establish/Increase Online Presence
  • Drive Relevant Traffic
  • Convert Traffic to Customers

Most SEO companies only worry about the first two. The third component is where you realize the biggest return on investment.

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Website Penalty Recovery

Penalty Recovery

Has your monthly revenues taken a significant hit due to a large decrease in website traffic? We are trained to recovery your website. Here’s our process.

  • Analyze Your Website for Penalties
  • Provide a Recovery Solution
  • Carry Out Specialized Recovery Techniques
  • Watch you regain revenue stream

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Calgary Responsive Website Design

Website Design

With over 16 years of website design experience, there are very few designers that have developed websites before the existence of Google. Combine experience with a professional background and you’ll have a site that will shine above your competitors.

Nearly 1/2 of all searches are from mobile devices. Get a responsive website made to work with mobile devices.

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Calgary SEO services are a dime a dozen. There’s so much competition vying for your business. That’s what makes it difficult to know which company to choose.

But it’s certainly not impossible as you will soon see.

We make every effort to stand out amongst the crowd. How so you ask?

Well, for starters, while we understand the value of search engine traffic and what it can do for your business, we also recognize the value of sales funnels, conversion, a social media presence, video marketing and reputation management.

Every one of the areas just mentioned can make or break your company if handled incorrectly online.

So it’s great to have an Internet presence, but it’s vital that your search engine specialist knows how to successfully manage your online profile and all of these areas.

That’s where we come into the picture…

There’s More to Life Online Then First Page Rankings

TC Business Marketing CalgaryYes, we understand your business needs. We understand that free website traffic from the search engines is great, but it ultimately doesn’t amount to anything if you do not have quality content, a strong standing reputation and a sales funnel that converts.

Think about this for a moment…

Let’s say you hire “123 SEO Service” to rank your website. They do a great job and now you’re site is ranking highly in Google for a number of targeted keywords.

Potential customers begin viewing your content, but ultimately they choose to ignore your sales funnel and click the back button and move on to another company in your industry.

It’s fantastic that you’re getting this free traffic from Google, but it ultimately is not boosting the company bottom line at all.

Instead, if you hired us, here’s what we can do…

The Benefits of Our Search Engine Optimization Service

  • Create and manage social media profiles on the best sites, including Facebook, Google + and Twitter, to name just a few.
  • Use expert keyword research methods to find the most commonly used terms in your industry or local community.
  • Provide first page Google rankings based on our keyword research methods, and begin to deliver highly targeted Google traffic into your sales funnel.
  • Provide first page Google rankings for videos, which will brand your company and provide an additional traffic source driving potential customers in the sales funnel.
  • Assist in website design to improve conversion rates and ultimately bring more sales into the business.
  • Track the success or failure of the company website, and make tweaks and changes when necessary to help boost conversions and sales.
  • Perform reputation management when necessary to ensure that no one is intentionally or unintentionally sullying your good name.

As you can see, we provide a full service SEO experience. We make it a point to help your business grow from all angles, not just by providing high search engine rankings and website traffic.

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